UBISOFT: New Rainbow Six due next year

Christopher Dring
UBISOFT: New Rainbow Six due next year

Ubisoft has unveiled a new Rainbow Six game for launch in 2015.

Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, Rainbow Six: Siege challenges teams of players to breach a location (such as a house) in the centre of a map, while a rival team tries to keep them at bay. You know, a siege.

It is both a multiplayer and single player title, and much like the early Rainbow Six games, when you die in a level there's no coming back.

It does mean that Ubisoft has given up development of Rainbow Six: Patriots, which was a decision the team made when moving development from the previous generation of consoles to the new one.

The game was unveiled during the Ubisoft press conference, held ahead of this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo.

It is the first Rainbow Six game in seven years.


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