Ubisoft reveals its new ways to play

Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot revealed this week that the publisher has re-invigorated its product strategy – with ‘Games for Everyone’ the new maxim.

And after lifting the lid on new series My Coach and an expansion of the Petz series at the UbiDays event in Paris, the publisher’s CEO told MCV that it plans to increasingly push into different markets, taking inspiration from what Nintendo has achieved with a family-orientated strategy on its Wii and DS consoles.

“Our approaches to the market are different now – we consider that each set of machines has its own population of consumers and customers, and we have to make sure we cater to each of them,” said Guillemot.

“The key is not to think how we used to do things – we have to consider that some machines demand different approaches to the games industry than other consoles.”

Ubisoft marketing director Jon Rosenblatt added that whilst the publisher has built its business on series like Tom Clancy and Prince of Persia, this week signals a new era for the ambitious company.


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