Ubisoft UK details free-to-play hopes

Ben Parfitt
Ubisoft UK details free-to-play hopes

Ubisoft’s free-to-play aspirations were unveiled to the UK press at a summer showcase last week.

With F2P titles Ghost Recon Online, Imagine Town and The Settlers Online, Ubisoft is adapting its own brands with the ultimate goal of ‘upgrading’ users to richer online games.

“Using the free-to-play model, we want to move people onto higher definition games, games that are going to be much more immersive,” Ubisoft UK’s head of digital marketing Alan Dykes told MCV.

“We have been developing the capability in-house, based on franchises that we know have worked well.” Dykes said Ubisoft’s digital and F2P games represent the publisher’s third strand, next to its core and casual titles. He said: “It’s vital for us to look at how the market is expanding.”


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