UK-based digital analytics firm founded

Ben Parfitt
UK-based digital analytics firm founded

A game analyst group has announced its tall ambition to help generate $1 billion for games companies over the next four years.

GamesAnalytics, formed in February last year, is a data mining and monetisation firm. It offers behavioural analytics, predictive modelling and individually targeted in-game marketing products.

The UK firm was co-founded by Chris Wright, a former independent games industry consultant who went on to work in business development at Scottish studio Proper Games.

“The games industry has fundamentally changed,” said Wright.

“Games are now a service, provided digitally, on demand. Experiences range from casual, social Facebook games, to complex online virtual worlds and MMOs. These games are paid for in a variety of ways, from traditional upfront payments, to subscriptions, micropayments for virtual goods and free-to-play.

“The key to all this is data; companies need to quickly understand and effectively respond to the massive amounts of player information they are gathering. The companies that get this right are the ones that will succeed in this new and exciting future.”

The company will be out in force at the upcoming Game Developers Conference to network with potential partners.

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