UK games market's weekly value dips again

Christopher Dring
UK games market's weekly value dips again

The UK video games market weekly value has dipped once again, down five per cent when compared to the week before.

According to MCV calculations, based on today’s Gfk-ChartTrack/ELSPA weekly report, the UK market has hit £20.2 million for the weekend ending June 20th. Unit sales dipped four per cent to 873,096.

The result follows last week dip of nine per cent, the first weekly fall in over a month when the market value plummeted to under £14 million.

The lack of major new releases is the reason behind the fall, although new titles such as Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones means the weekly value continues track at over £20 million.

This Friday’s releases includes Overlord 3, Ice Age 3, Fight Night Round 4, Lego Battles, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, so there’s reason to be optimistic that next week’s value can still perform strongly.

However, with the notable exceptions of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Wii Sports Resort, there are few major titles scheduled for release during July.


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