UK retail slashes price of 360 bundles

Leader of the pack is, which offers a bundle including a Premium 360 console and a copy of Gears Of War for just £269.99 – £10 less than the standard price of a standalone Premium 360.

Gamestation sells a premium pack with a Game Of The Week – widely expected to be Gears Of War by next Monday – for just £279.99, as well as a core pack with GoW and WWE Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2007 for just £219.99. Elsewhere, GAME offers GoW and Call Of Duty 3 with either Rockstar’s Table Tennis, Condemned or Tomb Raider: Legend for just £319.99, while Blockbuster sells a bumper 360 bundle for £349.99.

Microsoft confirmed details of the new value bundles this morning. The deals gives gamers the chance to buy a 360 with either Call Of Duty 3, Gears Of War or WWE Smackdown! Vs.Raw 2007 for the sub-£300 price point before Christmas.

Stephen McGill, head of marketing for Xbox said: “Xbox 360 has without a doubt the most varied, exciting line up of games available this Christmas so now has never been a better time to buy. These three games look absolutely incredible, so to experience amazing graphics and stunning gameplay [gamers should] snap up one of these bundles.”

Read this week’s MCV for a full report on the price slashing of the bundles, with comments from the UK’s leading retailers.


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