Uncharted Vita RRP listed at £44.99

Dominic Sacco
Uncharted Vita RRP listed at £44.99

Several online retailers have priced PlayStation Vita’s launch titles, while listing Uncharted: Golden Abyss with a £44.99 RRP.

ShopTo, The Hut and Play.com are among those which have placed the launch line-up available to pre-order online.
RRPs range from £24.99 to £44.99 on ShopTo, although Uncharted is the only Vita title to feature the latter price tag. Many games have £34.99 or £39.99 RRPs.

£34.99 games include WipEout 2048, Touch My Katamari and ModNation Racers Road Trip, while £39.99 titles comprise of Killzone, BioShock, Assassin’s Creed, Virtua Tennis 4 and more.

The lower-priced games with £24.99 RRPs include Reality Fighters and Little Deviants.

Many retailers have priced the games lower than their suggested RRPs, with Uncharted priced at £38.86 at ShopTo, £39.85 at The Hut and £39.99 on Play.com. The latter online store has priced some games as low as £17.99 inclduing Reality Fighters and Little Deviants. 

Earlier this month a report revealed that boxed Vita games could cost 40 per cent more than the same titles in download form.

Vita goes on sale in the UK on February 22nd. It launched in Japan this weekend.


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Surely these RRP's are too expensive? Consumers don't want to pay 40GBP for a PS3 game, let alone a PSV game. Not sure if it is a region free console or not but that will see imports and foreign PSN accounts used to get better priced games. From a retailers perspective, its surely not an attractive proposition to take expensive stock with a high rrp and cost price to try and sell competing with a lower priced competitor that is Sony which is selling on the console the games are for. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Darren Bennett

Darren Bennett INDUSTRY
Dec 20th 2011 at 1:59AM

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@Darren Bennett, this will probably translate to £35 at retail. The RRP of PS3/X360 games is usually £49.99, with the odd exception (eg, CoD @ £54.99). Also the current "rumor" is that the digital games will be as much as 40% cheaper than the retail version.

And yes the Vita is region free.

Phil Evans

Dec 20th 2011 at 9:20AM

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week 3 'Uncharted for £22.97'

Sean Lyons

Dec 20th 2011 at 11:17AM

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@Phil "Uncharted priced at £38.86 at ShopTo" - which is too high in my opinion and ShopTo are likely to be one of the cheaper places to buy. If as previously stated Sony do sell the games for 40% less online then I think retailers may have trouble shifting units themselves. Good to know about the region free.

Darren Bennett

Darren Bennett INDUSTRY
Dec 21st 2011 at 2:50AM

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