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VIDEO: Croteam's new anti-piracy tool - an invincible red scorpion

Ben Parfitt
VIDEO: Croteam's new anti-piracy tool - an invincible red scorpion

When you think about it, invincible red scorpions should have been employed as an anti-piracy measure long before now.

Fortunately those clever chaps at Croteam have at last utilised the tool in its recent shooter Serious Sam 3.

DSOGaming reports that those playing an illegal copy of the game are encountering an invincible red scorpion opponent who relentlessly follows them until they are downed, preventing further progression into the game.

Here’s the video of the said scorpion in action:


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This reminds me of a similar tactic used by The Bitmap Brothers back on the Amiga. Pirate copies of Mega Lo Mania appeared fully functional until you actually got into the game. Then out of nowhere, a nuke would fly onto the screen and decimate you. Afterwards a screen appeared branding you a pirate. Neat!

Russ Greeno

Russ Greeno INDUSTRY
Dec 8th 2011 at 3:01PM

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