VIDEOS: Halo Reach, Force Unleashed II

Ben Parfitt
VIDEOS: Halo Reach, Force Unleashed II

The world has caught its first glimpse of both Microsoft’s already feverously anticipated Halo Reach and the already rumoured Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

Aired at the VGAs in the US last night, the Halo Reach trailer hints at a slightly grittier approach to Bungie’s famous franchise. Squad-based mechanics are also suspected, with one in-game character telling another that he can “forget the lone-wolf” approach.

Details on The Force Unleashed II are also scant, but the video suggests that Jedi Master Yoda, as well as the Dark Lord of the Sith Lord Vader, will both play a key part in the future of The Apprentice. Notice too that the protagonist is yielding blue, and not red, lightsabers.

Check out both videos below.


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