Virgin team under threat in EUK move

While contract negotiations  over the re-locations are still ongoing, EUK has made the first step in steadying the ship by appointing Matt Newman as the head of the newly-re-jigged games buying team, taking the role of head of Virgin Retail at EUK.

As Newman tackles the trading, marketing and logistics side of the operation, it is hoped that the new EUK team will total around 35 people in all, with the majority of the team expected to transfer from within Virgin itself.

“The details of the move are still being negotiated so we cannot confirm names and numbers of people moving over yet,” an EUK spokesperson told MCV this week.

“The Virgin trading buyers are moving across to EUK. One or two people might decide they do not want to make the move so we cannot confirm anything at the moment. The issue of redundancies is closely linked to the ongoing negotiations over the move so again we cannot confirm anything at this point in time.”

It’s not the last of the shake-ups either – Virgin Megastores’ head office is to move from Hammersmith to the Megastore in Oxford Street this summer too.


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