Visa assures PSN users

Ben Parfitt
Visa assures PSN users

Global payments company Visa has said that customers need not automatically cancel their cards, but should remain vigilant for the time being.

“Concerned cardholders should keep a close eye on their accounts and report any unusual or unexpected activity to their issuing bank," a statement issued to MCV reads.

"Cardholders who are innocent victims of fraud will get their money back, subject to the terms and conditions of their bank.”

However, other observers are being more cautious. Graham Cluely of analysts Sophos told TechRadar: "If you're a user of Sony's PlayStation Network, now isn't the time to sit back on your sofa and do nothing.

"The fraudsters won't wait around – for them this is a treasure trove ripe for exploiting. You need to act now to minimise the chances that your identity and bank account become casualties following this hack.

"That means, changing your online passwords (especially if you use the same password on other sites), and considering whether it would be prudent to inform your bank that as far as you're concerned your credit card is now compromised."


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