Vita/PSP cross-platform multiplayer confirmed

James Batchelor
Vita/PSP cross-platform multiplayer confirmed

PlayStation Vita owners will still be able to enjoy multiplayer games with PSP owners across an ad-hoc connection.

A Sony website states that anyone who downloads a PSP title on their Vita via PSN will still be able to use the multiplayer functions with both other Vita users and those playing on a PSP, according to Siliconera.

However, there is still no confirmation on which titles will work. It is reported that this cross-platform ad-hoc functionality will not work on every PSP game, although Eurogamer claims that it will for "the majority" of games.

Last week, Sony revealed it is considering a UMD conversion program for PSP owners that upgrade to Vita. 

If this follows the initiative rolled out for the digital-only PSPgo, this will allow consumers to download selected PSP titles via PSN. Presumably, these will be compatible with ad-hoc multiplayer.

PlayStation Vita launches in Japan on December 17th, with day one access to PSN titles.


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