Vita specs comparable to PS3

Ben Parfitt
Vita specs comparable to PS3

Sony has at last revealed some of the internal specs of its PlayStation Vita handheld.

And claims that the machine is comparable to a PS3 in your pocket are seemingly quite legitimate.

Joystiq reports that Vita will house 512MB or RAM and 128MB of video RAM. That compares to 256MB of RAM in PS3 and 256MB of video RAM.

And while the video RAM is lower, Vita of course has a lower resolution screen and therefore does not have to output the 1080p visuals the PS3 is required to generate. The conclusion is that, visually at least, both consoles should be comparable.

Other specs include a ARM Cortex A9 4-Core CPU, a 960x544 OLED touch screen, the rear multi-touch pad, front and rear cameras, six-axis motion sensing, GPS, 3G and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.

Don't forget, too, that all that grunt housed inside Vita will add a crucial feature still missing on PS3 – cross-game voice chat.


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