Vivendi gets brand makeover

Vivendi Games’ CEO Bruce Hack has told MCV that he plans to give the Sierra brand a renewed lease of life by ramping up product quality – and that the firm is uniquely positioned to capitalise on future opportunities through its four separate gaming divisions.

Vivendi Games-owned labels Blizzard, Sierra, Vivendi Mobile and Sierra Online are each targeted at different consumers – and, most importantly, at what Hack sees as the markets with the greatest potential.

“We’ve posted these four divisions up against what we see as the major opportunities ahead – MMO, mobile games, online casual games and the traditional console games space, for want of a better description” he told MCV.

“Blizzard Entertainment faces the very fast growing MMORPG segment. Sierra Online faces the mid and short-session casual online market. Then there’s Vivendi Mobile, which faces the mobile segment. And then obviously there’s the specific console and PC marketplace, which all of the major publishers play in. We’re facing that sector with Sierra.

“We see ourselves differentiated in that we are positioned up against areas of high growth. As we look down on the market, we see a positioning which has us tilted toward the higher growth and recurring revenue segments.”

And whilst the industry is already familiar with the Sierra brand, the label is due for a shake-up. Vivendi plans to up the quality of games – and the number of recognisable franchises – published under the Sierra name in the next few years.

“The revival of the Sierra brand comes from product,” added Hack. “Over time as our products become better and establish themselves as perennial franchises, the name Sierra will be given a stronger life.

“We had a big success with Scarface under the Sierra label and we have two excellent titles coming up this year under the Sierra name: World in Conflict and TimeShift. As we move forward, our products get stronger and as they are established as franchises the name Sierra will be strengthened.”


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