Wall Street ponders T2 swoop

Yet despite the huge sum involved, analysts refused to pour cold water on the claim, made by the New York Post, suggesting it could be a good fit for both firms.

“It’s thought that Elevation has up to $2bn resources, but a $1bn cash deal is an enormous sum to take a punt on,” a senior Wall Street analyst told MCV. “What Take 2 has is distribution; what it lacks is a stable of killer IPs.”

And following Elevation’s acquisition of Bioware and Pandemic as a new $300m super-developer, the analyst believes this could neatly plug the gaps. “If you add Bioware and Pandemic to that, you solve many of Take 2’s problems in terms of not having IP to sustain long-term valuation. But it’s a hell of a risk. And Elevation can probably achieve something similar with a cheaper, less risky strategy.”


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