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Warner outlines new Watchmen roadmap

Ben Parfitt
Warner outlines new Watchmen roadmap

Emerging publisher Warner has dated its upcoming slate of Watchmen game offerings, with Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2 heading to Xbox Live Arcade later this month in Europe and on August 26th in the US.

There’s plenty more to come, too. Whilst Watchmen was once destined for a digital-only release, Warner’s change of heart means that those who still prefer a physical purchase will have options made available to them in the coming weeks.

First off, later this month will see the release of both Part 1 and Part 2 of the game on a single DVD for Xbox 360, carrying a North American price tag of $30, which will most likely translate to £25 in the UK.

PS3 owners will also be able to grab a slice of the plastic disc action on the same day, but only if they’re prepared to pay out £30 for the Collector’s version of the movie on Blu-ray, which will include both games on the disc.

Finally, July will also see the release of Part 2 for download on both PS3 and PC.

Watchmen: the End is Nigh was developed by Danish studio Deadline Games which last month filed for bankruptcy.


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