We give indies the chance to shine online

We give indies the chance to shine online
GameIndie is essentially a solution to the problem of attracting visitors to lesser known video games sites by consolidating all their available products into one place and presenting the consumer with a huge spread of available games across every format. We have made it as simple as possible for participating merchants to upload their stock databases, which are then married up with game descriptions and images from a library we have compiled and archived.

Potential buyers can read the descriptions and see the packshots before choosing which retailer to buy from, and it is only at that point that the merchant is charged the five pence per click fee. To drive traffic to the site we are undertaking search engine optimisation work and will be re-investing income generated by the site to buy web ads and click throughs from other price comparison sites.

GameIndie is not a quick fix for independent games retailers, but a viable way for them to get a good web exposure at a minimal cost. It will take time to build the brand and web presence, but in conjunction with a specific marketing campaign aimed at fifteen to eighteen year-olds, we can expect ever increasing traffic over the next twelve months.

We will be introducing the GameIndie mascot, provisionally called GI Dog Tagg, to the site and will be running specific title launch promotions, sponsored by participating publishers, by sending out uniquely branded and collectable giveaways.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding more and more retailers to the site, some using our own Your Games Store white label eCommerce solution and others their own sites. We will also be adding more content to the site, including news and reviews and running special promotions in co-operation with participating retailers and publishers, which will also see the development of the trade area of the site, where retailers can communicate with each other and view other trade-related material.

It costs nothing to be a part of GameIndie, but every visitor that goes on to visit a participating retailer’s own website, will incur the merchant a modest five pence click charge, a price that will be held until the end of June this year.

There is no reason why independent merchants in other territories can’t use GameIndie and we can set it up to accommodate them, keeping territories separate so that it does not encourage cross border trading.


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