Weekly chart data looks set to return

The UK games market looks set to regain full weekly sales research in time for the key Christmas season, MCV can exclusively reveal.

It’s been five years since ChartTrack dropped individual game data from its weekly reports, rendering them virtually redundant according to many publisher bosses. The research firm was forced to ‘dumb down’ due to pressure from several key data-supplying retailers, who felt that their own level of business was becoming transparent, particularly on new releases.

But now, with the emergence of supermarkets in the sector meaning that sales are spread wider across the High Street, ChartTrack and copyright owner ELSPA are planning to reintroduce weekly data during Q4.

“Things are looking very encouraging,” ELSPA director general Roger Bennett (pictured) told MCV. “The issue at the minute is something that ChartTrack and BARD are currently looking at together.

“Certainly it’s something that we as an industry are desperate to see again. Access to weekly sales data is something that we’ve wanted to see return for a long, long time.

This is something we desperately need as an industry, regardless of how individual companies – retailers or publishers – feel about it.”

The news will no doubt be welcomed by most within the industry. Unlike many other entertainment sectors, the games industry as a whole has been unable to promote, for example, the opening weekend sales of a blockbuster title.

For individual publishers, too, the valuable weekly data will allow them to celebrate successes – and to keep a close eye on the performance of their rivals.


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