We’ll own Xmas, blasts Microsoft's McGill

After last week’s confident criticism of Sony and Nintendo from fellow marketing man Richard Teversham (MCV 28/07), UK head of Xbox marketing Stephen McGill has made further claims that will raise the hackles of rivals Sony and Nintendo.

“We’ll have an installed base of around ten million plus before they launch,” a bullish McGill told MCV. “We had a terrific E3 that showed what a great future Xbox 360 has, that we’re the only place for the breadth and depth of choice for games and it dispelled a lot of the myths around PS3.

“We’re now ramping up with our partners and you’ll see our marketing campaigns continue to pick up pace over the coming months. We’re very confident.”

And McGill stressed that 360’s games portfolio and marketing push will be key. “We’ve got so much to talk about: 160 high definition games on 360. A ten million plus installed base head start. Games for everyone including Gears of War, Pro Evolution Soccer, Viva Piñata, Xbox Live Arcade, Forza 2, Rainbow Six and Dead or Alive Extreme 2, to name but a few. Then there’s the promise of being the only place to get Halo 3.

“Xbox 360 is the only place gamers can have such a great choice of gaming and entertainment and we intend to sing about that very loudly from the roof tops.”

And all this has given Microsoft even greater confidence that it will clean up over the pivotal festive season, according to McGill: “Nowhere else have consumers got a better choice of great gaming and entertainment today, tomorrow and long into the future. I’m very confident this is going to be another Xbox Xmas.”


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