‘We’re disrupting the games world with Kidman ads’

‘We’re disrupting the games world with Kidman ads’
We believe that Nicole Kidman’s leading role in the UK-brokered pan-European campaign and the revelation of her DS Brain Age will surprise and excite people all over the UK and Europe. Nicole was chosen because of her universal appeal to mainstream audiences of all ages and backgrounds, as well as her reputation for being intelligent, entertaining and genuine.

Her personality and ability to combine the world of film with a family-centric home lifestyle was felt to be a strong fit with the Nintendo DS, which prides itself in creating entertainment and experiences that enrich people’s lives – no matter what their age or previous gaming experience is.

In the ads, we see Nicole as we’ve never seen her before, in a home setting, relaxing and training her brain. She is seen speaking into the Nintendo DS to complete the exercises and memorising numbers.

We feel that working with her as the personality of this campaign reflects a long-term pioneering philosophy from Nintendo.

The aim of this philosophy is to broaden the gaming audience with software that isn’t just fun but also enriches your life, whether training your brain or practicing language skills. The software is relevant and accessible for everyone from the age of nine to 99.

These titles, like those played by Nicole Kidman, are disrupting the video games world and changing the perceptions of millions worldwide who previously thought that gaming was just for 16-24 year-old males.

The TV campaign is the first stage in a multi-layered continuous marketing campaign which includes substantial sampling and experiential promotion across the summer – with National Brain Age checks available across the length and breadth of the UK in shopping malls, garden centres, gyms and retirement shows.

Further vox pop style and interactive TV ads will feature across the summer to broaden the reach of the campaign. As with all our Touch Generations activity, it’s not all about launch, the opportunity is year-round and our marketing and promotion of the game reflects this.

In addition, PR will also run across launch with the announcement of Nicole Kidman to mainstream press and move onto features pre- and post-launch that reflects the long term nature of the above-the-line campaign. All these features brought together will hopefully make this a very different campaign, with a mix of celebrity-led activity on the one hand and hitting the streets of the UK on the other.

This is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most, surprising uses of celebrity in a video games marketing campaign and we subsequently believe it will trigger a genuine interest and engagement from consumers.


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