Where's cheapest? FIFA 12 price roundup

Ben Parfitt
Where's cheapest? FIFA 12 price roundup

FIFA 12 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If you’re looking for cut-price deals on triple-A games on the High Street this Q4, you need look no further.

But it’s EA’s turn first, with the release of FIFA 12 in the UK at midnight tonight.

Tesco appears to be leading the supermarket war with a tasty £25 offer for anyone who also purchases a chart title, PSN card or Xbox Live membership.

Sainsbury’s has a slightly more flexible offer. FIFA 12 can be had for just £28.99 as long as an additional £30 is spent on anything else in store. Morrisons has gone for a £30 plus chart game offer.

Asda seems to be skipping the circus this year with a straight-up £38.97 in-store and online price. Alternatively, the game is bundled free with any Xbox 360 250GB console purchase at £190.

On the High Street, HMV is selling the game for just £1.99 to anyone who trades in a copy of Codemasters racer F1 2011. And come October 7th those who buy FIFA 12 will be able to trade it in and grab a copy of RAGE for £1.99.

GAME is offering an extra 2- per cent on any games traded in against the purchase of FIFA 12.

Online, ShopTo.net is charging £37.85 for the standard edition SKU. Zavvi’s cost is £39.85 while Amazon’s in £39.99. Play.com has gone for an unusually high £42.89 and GameStop has gone for £39.97.

Note, of course, that this year’s FIFA has a premium £54.99 RRP.


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£42 inc VAT from Distibution, the beginning of the end I think, Supermarkets are running away with it !

Michael Pearce

Michael Pearce INDUSTRY
Sep 29th 2011 at 10:46AM

0 1

Hello i notice you say Play are charging an unusual £42.85 but then you say the RRP has a premuim £54.99

But i did notice last night that Tesco were offering the game for £25 if purchased with a chart game
and then i noticed Gears of War 3 or Resistance 3 was also £42.85 so i think the supers are also now starting to up there prices, I have to say i really think the Two and only Two games that really sell are Fifa and Call of Duty
which really could both be offered as a Upgrade and people would not have to shell out loads on two well exhausted games come on we really need something New here.

Matthew Boyce

Matthew Boyce INDUSTRY
Sep 30th 2011 at 7:47PM

0 0

Michael i know what you mean Csoft make you laugh hence why i refuse to use them
as there prices are a joke to smaller shops, i have started looking round the net and
it is quite easy to find them for a price where you can still make money,
also i have found just wait till the second week and they are sold for less than half price, by many of the online retailers. and i am sure they are not living on there £1.20 Margin

Matthew Boyce

Matthew Boyce INDUSTRY
Sep 30th 2011 at 7:57PM

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