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Where's cheapest? Tomb Raider marks the return of price wars

Ben Parfitt
Where's cheapest? Tomb Raider marks the return of price wars

Square Enix’s Tomb Raider has sparked a fresh price war at UK retail.

The days of FIFA 10 for £24.97 are a thing of the past, but after most releases successfully held close to their RRP in the Q4 2012, retailers have seemingly decided to change tact.

Zavvi has cut the game to just £31.85 on consoles and £24.98 on PC. ShopTo matches the console price, but goes ever so slightly lower on PC - £24.85.

Amazon is selling the console version for £33 and the PC release for £25.99.

GAME is sticking with £39.99 online for the PC SKUs, although it is offering the game for £1 to those who trade-in two titles from a specific list.

It will be interesting to see if this online competitiveness is mirrored on the High Street. Will supermarkets go low? We’ll find out when the game is released on Tuesday March 5th.

UPDATE: 2game.com has contacted MCV to point out that it's selling the PC version for just £19.99 and the console versions for £29.99. Hard to see anyone beating that.

UPDATE 2: Now Green Man Gaming has contacted MCV to highlight its £29.99 console price and £26.99/£29.99 PC offer.


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