White PS4 Destiny bundle cut to £350 at GAME

Christopher Dring
White PS4 Destiny bundle cut to £350 at GAME

GAME is now selling the White PS4 Destiny bundle for the same RRP of a normal PS4.

The console was on sale £379.99 but can now be bought for a penny below £350. The price cut follows a mini-price war over the normal black PS4 destiny bundle, which is available from Asda and Amazon for as low as £329.99.

A standalone white PS4 will be available later in the year, but don't expect it to be cheaper than £350.

Sony has teamed up with Activision on a major partnership on Destiny. It includes exclusive alpha and beta access to PS4 owners, plus extra content alongside this bundle. Xbox has tried counteracting this at some of its press conferences, reminding viewers that Destiny is coming to Xbox One as well.


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