White Xbox 360 Kinect bundle inbound

Ben Parfitt
White Xbox 360 Kinect bundle inbound

Microsoft is bringing a white version of its Xbox 360 S to the UK.

A new SKU called the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle will include a glossy white 4GB console (as in, no hard drive), a white Kinect sensor, white controller and a three month Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The box will also contain copies of Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures.

It will arrive in the UK on May 4th and will cost £249.99. Lucky punters in the US will be getting their hands on it a lot sooner, however, with the SKU already shipping out to retailers.

A glossy white controller will also be made available at retail.


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May the 4th? Why aren't they bundling a Star Wars game? Duh!

Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey INDUSTRY
Feb 29th 2012 at 9:14PM

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