Widescreen Gizmondo takes on PSP

The new unit is similar in look and style to Sony’s new handheld, and will offer functionality over and above PSP including GSM telephony capability and voice control.

“This will be an extension of the current Gizmondo portfolio but will include extra features to differentiate it,” said creator Tiger Telematics. “The design aim is for market leading games performance and multimedia in order to make the widescreen attractive to the 10-to-35 year-old age group. The tracking capabilities, location-based services and other applications are regarded as secondary to the games functions.”

Gizmondo boss Carl Freer has stressed that for the moment the company is committed to the current model: “Our primary focus right now is on the Gizmondo, its continuing UK retail roll out, and our impending US launch. “The sub-£200 satellite navigation package announced last week has prompted enormous demand, and the growing games catalogue that now includes the EA titles will continue to assert Gizmondo as a significant contender in the handheld arena.”


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