Wii arrives in US

After hitting US stores yesterday, Wii is reportedly already sold out with the vast majority of retailers, despite day one stock figures far in excess of PS3.

Nintendo’s leading launch event took place at Toys R Us in Time Square, and was attended by US marketing boss Reggie Fils-Aime, with thousands of customers queuing in preparation for the midnight launch.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the first gamer to pick up a Wii was an ardant Nintendo fanboy. Isiah Triforce Johnson, who had been queuing for more than a week, proudly wore a Nintendo Power Glove, a late ‘80s NES accessory, as he received his machine.

Elsewhere in the country, a launch party was also held in LA’s Universal Studios, and was attended by Nintendo’s senior vice president of marketing George Harrison.

Wii’s are already popping up on eBay and are typically selling for around twice the normal retail price. The situation should hopefully be kept under control by Nintendo’s assurance that more stock is forthcoming.

In contrast, sales of PS3 online continue to flourish, though the $2000 plus typical sales price has dropped to below $1500. However, as we get closer to Christmas these prices could yet rise again, depending on Sony’s ability to supply further stock.

Wii will launch in Japan on December 2nd, and the global roll-out will be completed with its European debut on December 8th.

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