Wii boosts Nintendo shares through the roof

Shares in the platform holder have hit Y26,770 (around £120), as anticipation continues to rise ahead of the console’s launch. The shares have soared 88 per cent since the start of calendar year 2006.

The latest news will come as a boost to Nintendo (and indeed its investors) as the company prepares to launch Wii in the US on November 19th, Japan on December 2nd and Europe on December 8th.

With a recently announced an increase in its global marketing spend, bringing the total figure up to £105.1 million, Nintendo seems to be building up a head of steam just as the peak Christmas season at retail starts to really kick off.

The firm also has cause to celebrate thanks to a recent article in Time magazine proclaiming that Wii Sports could be “the greatest video game ever made.”

In a special report entitled ‘Instant Wii play’ the magazine’s Wilson Rothman states: “I had presumed that it was merely an elaborate demonstration of the Wii Remote, which responds to natural motions rather than arcane button combinations. I discovered quickly that it might be the greatest videogame ever made.”

And the enthusiastic reporter signs off: “I encourage you to go out and get one, even if you're also planning to buy Microsoft's Xbox 360 or Sony's PlayStation 3. Just be careful, because Wii is physical.”

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