Wii functionality set to expand

CVG reports that Nintendo's Takeshi Shimada has let slip a couple of upcoming features that are currently being showcased to developers for use in future Wii titles.

Shimada revealed that Wii might soon be able to read the news and weather headlines to you, with a new text-to-speech tool currently in the works. The facility could also conceivably be used to read out emails or other personal messages.

In addition, motion recognition could see an upgrade, with a new predictive input tool that uses prior movement to predict your next motion.

Other snippets include a development application called NintendoWare, which emulates Wii hardware on a PC so that developers can sample parts of their games without having to load it to a Wii dev machine.

Meanwhile, Rumorreporter.com claims that Nintendo is readying the announcement of a Wii microphone, and that several voice-based games are already underway. It also claims that a voice-based Wii Channel is planned.


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