Wii games head online on May 25th

Nintendo has confirmed that Mario will finally be arriving on Wii at the end of next month when Mario Strikers: Charged Football is released on May 25th. And despite earlier reports that the upcoming Pokemon Battle Revolution would be the first Wii title to feature online multiplayer gameplay, it will be Mario that leads this charge.

Mario has further outings planned on the Wii later this year, including 2D-3D hybrid platformer Super Paper Mario and the highly anticipated Super Mario Galaxy. There’s also the joint outing Mario & Sonic At The Olympics planned for release alongside the Bejing Olympics in 2008.

Nintendo’s online service does not currently allow for open friends lists in the way that Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Platform do. Instead, it requires users to exchange friends codes -  a system that is seen by Nintendo as being more secure but that has been criticised by some for being too complicated.


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