Wii hard drive on the way?

Internet rumours are suggesting that Nintendo is preparing to unveil a hard drive attachment for Wii at the upcoming E3 Expo in LA this July.

The Wii is the only next-gen console that currently doesn’t offer hard drive storage – the PS3 has a built in hard drive whilst the Xbox 360 offers it as an optional extra.

Wii is currently limited to its integrated 512MB of flash memory – but heavy users of the company’s Virtual Console downloads service are finding it inadequate.

The only option for current Wii owners is to use an additional third party SD card, but with current sizes limited to between 2GB and 4GB, a hard drive would certainly alleviate the storage woes of regular downloaders.

In other news, US news agency CNN Money has claimed that it has uncovered evidence that the Wii Remote boasts as as-of-yet unannounced internal microphone. Whether this uses the remote’s speakers as a receiver is unclear, but the revelation would certainly pave the way for any number of karaoke games – such as Disney’ upcoming High School Musical.


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