Wii sells 325,000 during Euro launch

Retail outlets across the continent sold out of the console hours after it went on sale last Friday. eBay has already been flooded with second-hand Wiis – which are proving popular with frantic fans keen to get their hands on the format before Christmas.

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess shared a strong European tie ratio with the console, selling 240,000 in the weekend. Wii Play was also a big hit, with over 50 per cent of Wii buyers picking up a copy of the title.

Marketing director of Nintendo Europe Laurent Fischer said: “Wii has become an overnight success in Europe with people of all ages rushing out to get their hands on the console. 

“Even at this early stage it is clear that Wii is delivering on its promise to expand the gaming market, with a uniquely diverse audience all keen to experience the sensation for themselves.

"For those who were unable to buy Wii during the launch weekend, rest assured more stock is already on its way and we are doing everything possible to ensure that a steady supply of Wii units is shipped to stores across Europe throughout December and into 2007.”


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