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Will EA buy Take Two this week?

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter has given his verdict on whether EA will end up buying Take Two this week – and so long as the Rockstar parent is ‘reasonable’ he believes it’s likely to go ahead.

EA’s $2 billion tender bid for Take Two is set to expire on Friday, and the clock is ticking for investors to make their mind up.

Pachter tells MCV:

“My guess is that the two companies are far apart on price, with EA willing to go only modestly (perhaps $2.00) above its last offer, and with Take-Two asking for more. If Take-Two is willing to compromise on price, I think a deal will be reached….

“It really depends upon whether Take-Two is willing to deal with EA on a reasonable basis, and ask for a price that is within range of EA's price ceiling. I'm not sure what either party will do.”

Click here to read Pachter’s thoughts on the deal in full .


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