Will the iPad 3 actually be the iPad HD?

Ben Parfitt
Will the iPad 3 actually be the iPad HD?

With the expected reveal of the iPad 3 now just five days away, it transpires that there may in fact be no such thing.

That’s because new evidence from the darkest corners of the internet suggests that Apple’s new tablet Mac may in fact be called the iPad HD.

Pocket-lint reports that a parts listing for case and peripherals firm Griffin actually refers to the new device as exactly that. The iPad HD name has also cropped up in usage data for an app called Tapatalk.

The one thing we’re all agreed one though – and something which would very much tie-in with the new HD moniker – is the next iPad’s inclusion of an iPhone 4 like ‘Retina’ display, most likely boasting a 2048x1536 resolution.

Whatever form the device will finally take, all will be revealed to the world on March 7th.


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