Windows Live prices confirmed

US subscription fees for Microsoft’s Windows Live service will be exactly the same as those for membership on Xbox Live, according to Game Informer.

Fees for Gold membership across the Atlantic will stand at USD49.99 (around GBP25.99) for a year, USD19.99 (around GBP9.99) for three months and USD7.99 (around GBP3.99) for one month – identical to those for the Xbox equivalent. A Silver level of service will be free, just as it is on Xbox 360.

In the UK, official pricing for Xbox Live Gold currently stands at £39.99 for a year and £14.99 for three months.

Game Informer's report goes on to say that existing subscribers to Xbox Live Gold automatically count as subscribers to Windows Live Gold, adding that members’ gamer tag and achievements will be used across both Xbox and Vista PCs.


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