Windows Live to arrive this May

Microsoft’s Windows Live service, a key part of its Games for Windows push, will arrive in Europe on May 18th, ten days after its North American debut. Its release will coincide with that of Halo 2 Vista, as well.

Windows Live allows Vista users to access their Xbox Live accounts through their PCs, or alternatively allows PC-only gamers to set up their own account to gain access to Xbox Live Arcade titles, friends lists, in-game Achievements and online multiplayer gameplay.

The Windows version of the Live service will, as with the Xbox service, be available in two different versions. The first, Silver Membership, will be free and allow access to many of Live’s features. Gold Membership will cost £39.99, the same as it does on Xbox 360, and will come with the additional perk of online multiplayer gameplay.

Microsoft also confirmed some new release dates for Windows Live compatible titles. Shadowrun will be released for both Xbox 360 and Windows Vista in June 2007, whilst Live Arcade title Uno will hits PCs before the end of the year.


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