World in Conflict heads to 360

Ben Parfitt
Cold War RTS World In Conflict is already turning the heads of the specialist games press, with the PC title also set to front Nvidia’s Direct X10 push.

Now Vivendi is looking to expand the audience for the game, with an Xbox 360 version set to ship alongside the PC game later this year.

Vivendi UK boss Adam Roberts told MCV: "This year is shaping up to be a great mix of fresh faces from Sierra’s existing IP collection including Crash and Spyro and hot new properties Timeshift and World In Conflict.

"Building a new leader in any genre, particularly the FPS or RTS arenas is never easy, but Riddick and FEAR both provide us with exactly that."

Vivendi is running an exclusive pre-order scheme via GAME stores for World In Conflict.

Consumers who pre-order the PC title will receive a bonus pack which includes the game; a History Channel DVD, Declassified: The Rise and Fall of the Wall; guaranteed access to the open beta event in July; exclusive bonus multiplayer maps for the beta and demo; bonus content from the game before it hits shelves; and exclusive Massgate account privileges.

"World In Conflict is probably the most stunning strategy game I’ve ever seen," said GAME’s senior product manager for PC Mandip Bhachoo.

"We are really pleased to be working with Vivendi to offer our customers that something extra they can’t buy elsewhere.”


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