X-Factor's Union J teams up with Pokémon

Christopher Dring
X-Factor's Union J teams up with Pokémon

In what is an early contender for 'vague press release of the day', X-Factor's Union J has teamed up with Pokémon X and Y.

What does that mean? Well we have to wait until October 4th for the full details. But judging by Pokémon's last boyband partnership (with the now global superstars One Direction), expect them to pose with cuddly Pikachus, sign some stuff and generally promote the game. Maybe they'll do a Pokémon song. That definitely won't be awful.

Union J is a boyband featuring the members George, Josh, JJ and Jaymi.

“When we first heard that Pokémon X and Pokémon Y had been announced, we couldn’t have been more excited and we knew that we wanted to get involved in some way,” said George, probably.

“The boys and I are all huge Pokémon fans and we know that the JCats will go crazy when we announce our special news.”

The Pokémon X and Y campaign is going to be a pretty big one, Nintendo says. In fact, it will be its biggest campaign of the year.


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