Xbox ads swamp national media

The Sun features a four-page 360 supplement, while Xbox ads and promotions appear on a massive 47 of nationwide freesheet Metro’s 67 pages.

The Sun promotion features the lead headline ‘It’s War’ on a backdrop of artwork from Gears Of War, and opens with the sentence, ‘Emergence Day is finally here so prepare for war…’

On the inside pages, a full-scale image of a 360 console is flanked by reports on FIFA 07 and Pro Evolution Soccer 6, under the header ‘Next generation football’, above an in-depth description of Xbox Live. An accessories round-up and guide to new releases, including Sonic The Hedgehog and Call Of Duty 3, also feature.

The final page of the pullout is dedicated to Viva Piñata – an obvious attempt to capitalise on The Sun’s family readership. The newspaper also runs a competition offering readers the chance to win a premium 360 console and five games.

Metro’s front-page flags up the chance for readers to win a 360 and home theatre system. Inside the paper, ads for games such as Tony Hawk’s Project 8, Call Of Duty 3, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Dead Rising and Need For Speed Carbon are given sizeable page space.

But none can match Gears Of War. The epic third-person shooter appears in a full double-page spread, a full-page ad from GAME, ads across the gutter of three news pages and also has its logo emblazoned on Metro’s classified ads.

Full-page ads for Viva Piñata and a 360 games round up also appear, as well as a double page pullout calendar of Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2.

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