Xbox boss responds to PS3 delay

With Xbox 360 now heading into its second Çhristmas in Europe and only the Nintendo Wii – a very different proposition to the Microsoft console – its only competitor this year, Lewis is no doubt more than a little chuffed about the Sony news.

"We know how challenging it is to pull off a global launch, so it's not surprising that Sony has backed away from their previously announced launch plan due to the unproven technology they are trying to pack in to their console,” he said.

“Europe remains a priority for us and that is why gamers have been able to experience Xbox 360 from day one and why we're confident we're going to have a great Christmas, regardless of what competitors are or are not in the market.

“Xbox 360 will have over 160 high-definition games including Viva Pinata from Rare, Gears of War from Epic, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 from Konami and FIFA 2007 from EA, a growing and innovating online gaming service, fantastic entertainment capabilities, optional HD-DVD capability and a great-value price.

“These factors will help us reach our goal of 10 million consoles sold worldwide by the end of the year."


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