'Xbox Originals’ suffer minor issues on 360

Ben Parfitt
In much the same way as gamers playing original Xbox discs on their Xbox 360 had to contend with a number of problems arising from the machine’s use of software, as opposed to hardware, emulation Microsoft has confirmed that the emulation of ‘Xbox Original’ titles on its forthcoming download service will not be quite perfect.

The platform holder has outlined all the currently known issues for launch titles – Halo, Psychonauts, Fable, Fusion Frenzy and Crimson Skies – on its website.

Issues include some ‘mild frame rate drops’ in Halo, some texture and audio quirks in Fable and problems with 720p over HDMI in Psychonauts.

Microsoft also warns that accessing any additional in-game extras, such as trailers or demos, may crash your machine.


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