Xbox Slim trade-in offers announced

Ben Parfitt
Xbox Slim trade-in offers announced

As promised, UK retailer GAME has revealed details of a special trade-in offer that it hopes will entice existing console owners to upgrade to a new Xbox 360 S.

The pick of the bunch is its PS3 Slim deal – hand over that machine and the redesigned £199.99 Xbox 360 can be yours for just £24.99.

All the way on the other end of the scale, trading in a Wii console will save you just £75 off the price.

Here are the offers in full. The Xbox 360 S will be launched in the UK on July 16th.

Xbox 360 Elite £99.99

Xbox 360 60GB Pro £119.99

Xbox 360 20GB Pro £139.99

PS3 Slim 120GB £24.99
PS3 80GB £59.99
PS3 40GB £69.99

Nintendo Wii £124.99


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