Xmas games sales are lagging, forcing price cuts

Christopher Dring
Xmas games sales are lagging, forcing price cuts

Some of the biggest brands in games are not selling fast enough, forcing retail to slash 50 per cent off new releases.

The High Street has even taken an axe to big sellers – such as Elder Scrolls – in a last ditch attempt to entice customers into stores.

Since the launch of Modern Warfare 3, UK retailers have sold 8,776,349 games (based on Chart-Track figures). That’s 1.4m fewer titles than what was sold during the same period in 2010.

The UK boss of a global games publisher said: “A lot of games are not performing as they should. And so retail wants to cut prices to shift stock. It’s the reality in the UK. But when you see big sellers like Skyrim discounted, you do end up scratching your head. It doesn’t make sense.”

GAME CEO Ian Shepherd told MCV last month: “Consumers’ willingness to spend money is harder to come by. And we are having  to work really hard to win the loyalty of those customers.”

Unit sales of Skyrim shot  up 145 per cent to take it to No.1 after Gamestation reduced the title to £22.49.

“It’s like the January sales have started early,” added one sales boss. “It could have a negative impact on how consumers view pricing.”


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Casual gamers are to blame, they just buy the same type of game... then dont buy the next iteration or try any different types of games (unless they are brought to their attention by a friend or massive advertising that appeals to casual gamers etc). The past few years have had a massive surge in casual games being released and bought, there will be peaks and troughs throughout the year, people are going to go out and buying games, but people get bored (and also follow the trend).......... Casual gamers have now turned to buying games for 59p etc on tablets or phones, casual gamers now demand cheap games. "Why buy games at £30 when you can buy games for 59p on this tablet/phone" - something i have heard a few casual gamers saying whilst out and about. (they dont know a good game from a bad one anyway). I'm a massive gamer always buying my games, so it cant be 'real' Hardcore gamers to blame. Also the BIG thing is; as you say the games are reduced within weeks.... Now why would non gamers and even some true gamers buy games on release these days? (unless its actually LIMITED EDITION - I mean true Limited Edition!)..... Everybody i know just waits for the price drop, its inevitable this is going to happen, but these days its so fast that by the time the game is released; its reduced! This Industry is pathetic. I even got an email from Game stating Ocarina of Time 3DS has been reduced to £19.99 this morning, and Rarley do i see Nintendo games getting the price cut.

Sean Lyons

Dec 15th 2011 at 8:59AM

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Also Stores are 'Pre ordering' ridiculous stock amounts than in the past?

Sean Lyons

Dec 15th 2011 at 9:04AM

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