Yahoo’s Brand Universe to launch on Wii

Yahoo is planning 100 websites, each around one ‘hot entertainment brand', which will be based around social networking and user-generated content, reports Information Week.

The Wii site has already launched, and will be followed by web spaces based around the likes of franchises including Harry Potter, Halo, The Sims, Lost and The Office.

It is the latest venture to attempt to emulate the success of user-based sites like MySpace and YouTube, and will be entirely user-driven with no official brand tie-ins.

Yahoo believes that it can attract advertisers in their droves. “We can speak to a particular audience,” says Yahoo exec Sean Atkins.

But while advertisers might like it, the site might have trouble attracting the users that drive the content, says Forrester analyst Charlene Li. “It’s a good idea from an advertising perspective, but how are you going to get visitors there?”


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