Alien After All and Neko Entertainment introduce DodoGo! on Nintendo DSiWare

PARIS - FRANCE, February 12, 2010. Alien After All, the digital entertainment designer and producer, today announced, in co-production with Neko Entertainment, that its first video game on Nintendo DSi , DodoGo!, is available for download exclusively from the Nintendo DSi shop.


DodoGo! is a new licence that enables players to take part in an adventure with the objective of saving the Dodo species in an explosive cocktail of action and strategy.

The story begins in the Cretaceous period - a terrible tidal wave has swept away its island, leaving the Dodo species in serious danger: all its eggs were found scattered across this isolated piece of rock in the middle of the ocean.

Unfortunately the devastating wave brought a particularly hungry and sneaky predator to the island. Lost and alone, with no defence, the Dodo eggs will therefore need a big helping hand, or rather a helping stylus, to get out of this mess and to be returned to their nests. Through inhospitable environments, players must guide and save these fragile eggs, newly fallen from the nest, avoiding obstacles, pitfalls and threatening predators.

Armed with just a toolbox and their own ingenuity, players will have to manage the environment to secure a free passage for the Dodo eggs. Players cannot control the eggs themselves, but they can change the surroundings in which they operate. Digging, backfilling, sawing, scraping, cutting… these are all legitimate actions that players can carry out in order to succeed in their mission to bring the eggs back undamaged.

“DodoGo! has been designed with the quality of the gameplay as its overriding concern. Of course, the idea of a dynamic environment, editable with the stylus was attractive, but the desire to give an extra dimension to the main characters was paramount,” says Denis Mercier, creator and director of the game.“You go on a journey with your Dodo characters: the more you get to know them, the more you find they are full of surprises. This part of the game is as important as the discovery of a new world.”

DodoGo! offers an absorbing, entertaining experience across nearly 100 levels covering Domo Island. There is also a special Bonus Stages game mode which will save Jokers, Avatars and Costumes.

DodoGo! features:

    <*>Charismatic and engaging main characters with distinct personalities; <*>Easy to pick up, with intuitive gameplay, making it accessible from seven year olds to 77 year olds; <*>More interaction with the environment: dig, cut, scratch, place items, connect them together to create new traps; <*>Accessible to all thanks to dip-in, dip-out gameplay and progressive levels of difficulty; <*>No stress! To each their own pace, and their own stylus. Whether a hardcore player, casual gamer or a youngster, everyone will find a challenge to suit them: performances, achievements and lap times for the seasoned gamer; caution and character handling for the casual player; fun, and treats in store for the young DS audience; <*>Multiple solutions. Give free rein to your imagination and you can find alternative ways! <*>A colourful universe, fun and exotic in a modern graphic style blending cartoon, animation and Flash; <*>Saving a single egg gives you the right to be included in the internet World Ranking on the game’s official website, and to be featured on the front page of the official website.

Title: DodoGo!

Genre: Action / Puzzle game

Publisher: Neko Entertainment / Alien After All

Developer: Neko Entertainment

Creator: Alien After All

Platform: Nintendo DSi

DodoGo! is classified as suitable for all audiences in North America, Europe and Oceania and will be soon available on the Nintendo DSi Shop.

DodoGo! TM is a registered trademark of Alien After All SAS.© 2010 Alien After All SAS all rights reserved. Trademarks are property of their respective owners. Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSiWare are trademarks of Nintendo.

About Alien After All

Alien After All is a conception and production studio devoted to the creation of innovative franchises in the video game and electronic book publishing sectors. Alien After All is an independent studio founded in 2007. The company’s head office is located in Paris area.

About Neko Entertainment

Since 1999 Neko Entertainment has been developing video games exclusively for consoles and PC. Neko's productions are base around an evolutionary development platform for consoles called the Neko Game Development Kit (NGDK). This in-house technology allows our team to develop simultaneously games across multiple platforms. Neko Entertainment is officially license to develop on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, consoles. Neko's main activity is to develop licensed titles for leading worldwide publishers such as Vivendi Universal Games, The Game Factory, Deep Silver, Atari and Ubisoft. Over the years and after many released titles, Neko has become accustomed to follow the strict requirements and guidelines of its licensors, while aiming to create exciting game content. 2003, Neko Entertainment creates and develops the concept of the“Cocoto Collection”, a coherent series of cute games designed for the PlayStation 2, PC, Nintendo Game Cube/Game Boy Advance/DS and Wii (also available on WiiWare, iPhone and Mobile platforms). Thanks to this attractive IP and others, Neko Entertainment has built strong partnerships with several distributors and publishers such as Bigben Interactive, Koch Media, Midas Interactive, Atlus, Kemco, Akella, GFI, Eidos, Take 2 and Midway. Neko Entertainment invests continuously to exploit the full potential of the new generation of consoles by creating innovative game plays and technologies.

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