Alltern8 Exclusive Interview with Star Trek Online’s Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich

Alltern8 (, the world’s first consumer driven industry dedicated online publication, community and resource site, had the opportunity to talk about the Star Trek Online MMO game with one of the team, executive producer Craig Zinkievich.

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As the launch dust starts to settle on this eagerly awaited title alltern8 were kindly given the opportunity to put some serious questions to Star Trek Online's Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich

Questions answered include:

• Given that the Federation has replicator technology and an almost limitless economy, why did Cryptic choose to include crafting elements in Star Trek Online?

• Can you tell us a bit about the design philosophy behind the scenes that caused Cryptic to approach the Star Trek universe in such a different manner from the majority of the shows and the films?

• Were you conscious of the fact that, by prioritising combat game play over non-combat game play in the game’s initial release, you were going against the grain of the expectations of a large number of Star Trek fans?

• From some of the posts on the official STO forums, we get the impression that a large number of players are dissatisfied with the design of the exploration and diplomatic missions currently offered in the game– are there plans to address these concerns, and if so, can you give us any details?

• Given that the Star Trek franchise has a reputation for taking its science seriously, has Cryptic considered consulting with astronomers or astrophysicists to improve the realism of the graphics and the mechanics of the many stellar phenomena and the planetary environments that players might expect to encounter within the game?

• What is Cryptic’s attitude towards evolving the ongoing narrative within the universe of Star Trek Online, and what possibilities (if any) will there be for players of all levels to participate and affect the course of this narrative?

• At the moment, the structures of the missions in Star Trek Online appear to be linear with a single pre-determined outcome. Has Cryptic given any thought to developing more open-ended missions that might be played in different ways depending on the preferences of the player?

• Are there any plans to make the Bridge a more functional part of the game, and will players ever be allowed to design and explore the interiors of their own starships?

• How does Cryptic feel about the possibility of empowering subscribers to build and share their own content within the game through the use of holosuite locations and some kind of complementary out-of-game mission designer application?

• Does Cryptic have plans to charge existing subscribers to unlock additional game content in the future, or will the set monthly subscriber fee guarantee a player access to the full development cycle of the game?

• It seems reasonable to expect that we’ll see playable Romulans sometime soon, but will we ever get to play other factions such as the Cardassian Empire or the Dominion in Star Trek Online?

• Some players already have access to Mirror Universe uniforms. Will there ever be any crossover of Star Trek Online with the Mirror Universe setting and timeline

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