Altitude - Cartoon Aerial Brawler Lands on Steam!

Altitude defines a new genre of online multiplayer action with a diverse arsenal of planes, weapons, and perks, and game modes ranging from base destruction to plane ball (imagine Quidditch with a lot more explosions). An active international community organizes clans, participates in competitive leagues, and creates a steady stream of high-quality maps.

Says Chris Page, former professional gamer and lead balancer on Blizzard’s Starcraft 2:

“Altitude is a genuinely deep and rewarding multiplayer experience in the guise of an old-school arcade game. The basic gameplay is very accessible, yet contains enough nuance and depth to remain compelling for months. Easily one of the best indie games I've ever encountered.”

To date, purchasers of Altitude average over 60 hours of play time (in-server, non-idle).

Game Modes:

1) Plane Ball– football with planes.

2) Team Base Destruction– intense battle to destroy the opposing team’s base; coordinated pushes and strategic loadout decisions turn the tide.

3) Demolition (similar to Counter-Strike bomb/defuse)– tactical dogfighting.

4) Team Deathmatch– just like you’d expect, with ally-proximity based respawns to keep your team together.

5) FFA– maximum mayhem dogfighting.

6) 1-life Deathmatch– slower, more deliberate pace– every kill and death is critical.

7) 1-life Team Base Destruction– for the hardcore crowd.

Planes and Perks:

Loopy: quick and agile skirmisher, excellent for nuke delivery, map control, and heavy plane escort

Primary Weapon: Tracking Missile

Secondary Weapon: EMP Grenade

Weapon Perks: Tracker, Twin Fire Missiles, Acid Bomb

Bomber: slow but maneuverable, unleashes devastating volleys at medium range, ideal for securing choke points and powering through blockades

Primary Weapon: Grenade Launcher

Secondary Weapon: Tracking Tailgun

Weapon Perks: Suppressor, Bombs, Flak Tailgun

Explodet: riveted steel armor protects this lumbering beast from the concussive blasts it deploys to direct the action, strong defender

Primary Weapon: Rocket

Secondary Weapon: Hover Mine

Weapon Perks: Director, Thermobarics, Remote Mine

Biplane: well rounded fighter, fearsome close-range burst damage

Primary Weapon: Long-Range Machine Gun

Secondary Weapon: Short-Range Flechette Cannon

Weapon Perks: Dogfighter, Recoilless Gun, Heavy Cannon

Miranda: high tech sniper, excels at hit-and-run tactics

Primary Weapon: Chargeable Plasma Cannon

Secondary Weapon: Reverse Drive

Weapon Perks: Trickster, Laser, Time Anchor

Hull Perks: Rubberized Hull, Heavy Armor, Repair Drone, Flexible Wings

Special Perks: Turbocharger, Ultracapacitor, Reverse Thrust, Ace Instincts

More information is available at

Free Demo:

Free demos of Altitude are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux from The full version is available now for $15 USD from, and from Steam, Direct2Drive, and GamersGate starting December 4th.

About Nimbly Games:

Nimbly Games is an independent studio founded by 2 guys who love multiplayer games. Inspired by classics like Mario Kart, Starcraft, Counter-Strike, and DotA, we’re committed to creating deep, rewarding multiplayer action games that stand the test of time.

Contact (press only):

We are happy to provide review copies and discuss promotional opportunities. Please contact for additional information.

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