Angels Online: Expansion Features Exotic Locations and New Skills

For many years, the Angels Online fantasy MMORPG has offered players fun and excitement in a 2D anime-style package bursting with dazzling effects and cool features. As new players join the fun, the Angels Online community continues to grow. With the release of the recent Primordial Paradise Expansion, a host of new content has players excited about new challenges.

The expansion added seven new maps featuring untamed wildernesses and amazing adventures. Players will come face-to-face with the toughest of wild beasts. Each map has its own theme and layout.

Journey down the winding roads of the Dragon Graveyard to discover your first destination: the Lost Cove.

Lost Cove

The Lost Cove is littered with the bones of wild beasts, humans and all manner of strange creatures. Some of these stacks of remains are as tall as an elephant. In the damp, murky corners of the cove, some strange-colored herbs grow wild. It is a long and terrifying tunnel of darkness, so gear up and find the fastest route through this moldy place to the next destination: Boulder Village.

Boulder Village

Compared to the dark and dank Lost Cove, Boulder Village is a breathtaking sight. Here you will find brightly-colored flowers, steep, vine-covered stone walls and a seemingly peaceful brook that meanders off into the distance. This place has been touched by human hands and leads you to the home of one of the local native tribes living in the region.

Hoca Village

Hoca Village is where many natives call home. Exposed to the harsh elements from birth, they have developed defenses against the dangers of their surroundings and have impressive constitutions. In Hoca Village, the houses are constructed from stone and wood gathered from the nearby mountains, almost entirely crafted by hand. Though their lives may seem tough, even the youngest children enjoy a happy and carefree lifestyle, far from the bustle of modern towns.

Rex Point

Next to Hoca Village lies Rex Point, the natives’ training ground. Much like a school or an academy, here they learn skills passed down from one generation to the next, such as hunting, fishing, fighting and animal taming. There is no competition to prove who is best and therefore no stress or pressure. Everyone believes teamwork and cooperation are the way to get things done. Their transportation system is primitive, using animals to carry food and game to the storage centers located at the main village centers.

Raven Riverpoint

Raven Riverpoint is the natives’ breadbasket. The area is stocked with rich resources and dark, fertile soil, making it the perfect paradise for gatherers seeking to collect high-quality materials. The village’s production industry relies heavily on the materials gathered from this area to feed their livelihoods, making it a crucial resource for all their people.

Hunter’s Ridge

The hilly region of Hunter’s Ridge lies opposite Hoca Village. It is the natives’ most important hunting area, a vital location that provides valuable skins and meat needed to clothe and feed the people of the village.

Shilly Desert (Instance: Dino Arena)

Beyond the boundaries of Hoca Village lies the deadly Shilly Desert. Deep in the desert is the Dino Arena. This is where the fiercest native warriors live, training night and day to master their skills. A number of violent incidents and close brushes with these fierce warriors have prompted the leader of the Hoca Village to cordon off the area to protect the lives of the villagers. The Dino Arena is a worthy challenge for any angel looking to test their prowess against the very best.

Battle Stances and Spells

The Primordial Paradise expansion is not just about new locations, equipment and quests. It also added a series of new skills that will help players overcome the many new and deadly experiences that await them. These ancient skills are the true legacy of warriors who fought during ages lost to history. Passed down to the battle-tested natives, these skills encompass many different styles of combat.

These skills grant incredible powers of destruction. For the power-hungry, they are a dream come true. Unlike modern combat methods, these ancient skills focus on disarming and securing opponents. These raw forms of ancient martial skills and magic spells are still extremely effective on the battlefield.

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