Angels Online: Uncover the Secrets of Yatiss in the Lost Region Instance

Angels Online ( is a 2D MMORPG featuring fantasy, fun and fantastic instances. Whether the members of your team fly by the seat of their pants or plan for every contingency, the new Lost Region instance offers plenty of action to satisfy your taste for adventure.

On the site of the Ancient City of Yatiss, the Lost Region instance holds many secrets. Eons ago a race of superior beings lived in Eden. The Yatissians were pampered by the Gods and were the envy of all. For centuries the Yatissians lived in peace and devoted their skills and time to the development and production of advanced technology. Through painstaking research, the Yatissians amassed knowledge that provided them a source of endless energy and treasures almost beyond imagination. They even built a regiment of deadly mechanical warriors whose duty was to safeguard these secrets.

Peace did not last long in Yatiss. When war broke out in the heavens, demonic forces took the opportunity to seize Yatiss. They turned the once-favored city into a bastion of darkness. Rather than risk their weakened forces against the technological marvels of Yatiss, the gods sank the entire island. It remains under the deep blue sea east of Eden, isolated from most humans and demons alike, at least until now.

As time passed, Yatiss became nothing more than a legend, or a source of children’s tales. Despite this, some adventurers believe the incredible stories are based on truth, and have been lured to the fabled location of the Lost Region in search of truly amazing treasures.

Despite the depths of the sea covering it, the ruined island is still home to some of the fiercest and most resilient demons ever to challenge the heroes of Eden. Yatiss is not a place for the faint of heart. It is strongly recommended that players reach at least Level 85 before attempting the Lost Region instance.

The Lost Region is divided into three parts: the Armory, the Platform and the Lab. Players must overcome the challenges in all three locations.

The Armory

Littered with bits and pieces of robots and other mechanical parts, this area is where the Yatissians stored ammunition and weapons. Even the most accomplished combatants find the place unsettling. Hordes of merfolk dwell in the area, so recovering anything of value will be no easy task.

The Platform

Though the mechanical soldiers of Yatiss lie in ruins here, there are other dangers players must be wary of. Ancient traps are covered by thick algae, and the place is crawling with Scale Fishes that pack quite a mean punch.

The Lab

The Lab was where the greatest wonders of Yatiss came to life. Sadly, the high-tech gadgets and gizmos are buried under layers of dirt, grime and dust. Nevertheless, mysteries await those brave and strong enough to make it this far. Will you find what you seek, or beat a hasty retreat? There’s only one way to find out: gather your allies and prepare for a quest of discovery that will leave you breathless.

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