Arrival of the Noel Race in Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second

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4 July 2013, Singapore and Malaysia - Asiasoft today announces the official launch of the new NOEL race in the first English service of Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second. Along with the launch of this new race, the game also introduces a new map where the Noels originated from - Yggdrasil Garden.

The History of Noels

Noels came about during the time of the Midgard battles. They were once Elves who battled alongside the Human Race against the Goddess Freyja, in which they emerged victorious. However, after that, the Elves began to disappear after they absorbed the demon spells that were casted during the battle.

The Elves could only survive by absorbing spells and thus they started to grow black wings and tails on their backs, and the symbol of the demon, horns, also appeared from their heads. Due to the transformation, the Human Race started calling them Noels.

The Noel race was saved from extinction by a piece of Ymir, which contain pure and infinite spells, preventing the Noels from transforming into demons when they absorbed demon spells. Even though they would grow into adulthood, they spent their lives as children to reduce the need to consume more spells.

New Map: Yggdrasil Garden

The Yggdrasil Garden, located on the top of the world tree Yggdrasil, is the home of the Noels. The Noels started building the small town Elenas, and lived there happily and peacefully until one day, the peace was shattered by the Freyjas.

The Freyjas' mission was to destroy the pendant made from Ymir, and the Noels fought bravely to protect it. The Noels won the battle eventually after a long and hard fight and they marked this victory with a celebration. However, it was abruptly ended when a wounded traveler showed up in Elenas town and the story of Noel began.

The Journey Begins

The Noel starts its journey as an Alter. Upon reaching Level 25, the Noel can choose to continue the path as a Crecentia or a Soul Maker. Each job has their unique support and attack skills that could prove essential and useful for any situation. Visit to find out more about the Noel race.

"We are very excited to launch the new Noel race in the world's first English service for Ragnarok Online 2!" said Mr Sherman Tan, Chairman for Asiasoft."We hope that players will be able to explore new experiences and enjoy themselves with the launch of the new content and we look forward to the players' support as we continue to work closely with the developers to bring in more new content for their enjoyment in the near future."

A Rewarding Gameplay with Ragnarok Online 2

Introduced since April 2013, two new in-game reward systems had been implemented within the game, namely the Daily Attendance System and the Hourly Giveaway. For those who had taken a break from the game before then, now would be a wonderful time to make a comeback. With every day of login, the Daily Attendance System will reward the player with an in-game item, and the rewards will get more attractive for each consecutive day of login. Players will start off with a seedling and the seedling will grown into a full bloom after five consecutive days of login, rewarding the player with a rare in-game item which would assist players with their raids and game.

Also, players will be rewarded for staying in the game. The Hourly Giveaway promises attractive in-game cash items such as explorer potions and repair spinels. Upon login, the hourly timer is activated and for every hour, the player will receive the reward by clicking on the giftbox that appears on the top right hand corner. Upon reaching the 3 rd hour mark, players will be rewarded with a much sought after item that is rare within the game.

Players already familiar with both systems would be pleased to know that the top tier rewards will be updated with new items regularly. From 4 th July 2013 onwards, the 5 th day reward for the Daily Attendance System will be a Special Card Synthesis Stone and for the Hourly Giveaway, they stand to receive one Mysterious Crystal upon reaching the 3 rd hour mark.

In addition, to mark the launch of Noel race, Ragnarok Online 2 is also giving a chance for players to win RO2Cash!

From 4 th July to 5 th August 2013, the first 5,000 players who create their Noel characters in the game in July and in August will stand a chance to win 100,000 worth of RO2Cash each! Head over to now for more details and be part of the ever-growing Ragnarok Online 2 community at!

Noel Class source materials are available for download and viewing at

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Noel Factsheet: (24.9MB)

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