Element Red-X and influences on Freeform Evolution in Artifact Red-X

LOS ANGELES, CA - May 17, 2013 - Tier2games, a Los Angeles based game developer, provides further insight into hybrid strategy game Artifact Red-X for PC and iOS.

Element Red-X & Freeform Evolution

Red-X is an element that releases enormous amounts of power in three forms: radiating energy, emitting exotic particles and a third time-space warping radiation. The radiating energy has regenerative properties for organic molecules. Element Red-X also emits unstable exotic sub-particles, which have unpredictable affects on sub-atomic particle bonds. The third and most dangerous energy source is the element's ability to affect the fabric of space-time through manipulating the excitation modes of strings. This alters the elementary particles' vibrations, which ultimately causes these particles go into a state of flux, causing surrounding elementary particles to influence how the particle mutates. The combination of sub-atomic restructuring, local external influences and the regenerative properties of Red-X act together to change genes sequences inside DNA and RNA.

Scientist have discovered that not only DNA/RNA mutations caused by Element Red-X affect cell biology but inanimate objects also influence cell structure and behavior. The combination of organic and inorganic has led to surprising and unexpected evolutionary developments in those who are continually exposed to the element. A polymer-alloy weave reduces the exposure but is limited.

Despite the hazardous nature of Element Red-X, the use of this element as a power source has drastically advanced human civilization. The energy produced by a micron of Red-X powers faster than light space travel, which has allowed humanity to expand rapidly into the universe.  As humanity's insatiable demand of element Red-X grows, so to do the squabbles over the control of the rare element.  After just 50 years from the first Red-X fueled reactor, human civilization is so dependent on the element that it is nearly used up. Some say it is like the fossil fuel and ion fuel booms in the twentieth and twenty third centuries.

With planetary mines at near total exhaustion, the race is on to find more Red-X. The council of planetary colonies decreed that there is a concentrated source detected in deep space. Those who venture out into the deep recesses of space and harvest Red-X  for the colonies will become rich beyond their wildest dreams. Problem is that the planets rich in the element are also populated. It is up to the individual to determine the best method to extract the Red-X.

Hardware Powered by Element Red-X

Newly discovered hardware will be powered by element Red-X .Each item will give off three types of radiation, which affect the soldier differently. Over prolonged use of the weapon or having the soldier not rotated out of tour frequently enough can cause over exposure to red-x radiation. The three radiation type attributes are called: 'gen', 'sub'& 'warp' (names tbc). 'Gen' or regenerative radiation can help regenerate damaged tissue on a soldier but this radiation also acts as a catalyst for mutating DNA when high levels of the other two are present. 'Sub' or sub-atomic radiation is mildly dangerous on its own and can be easily shielded with polymer-alloys. It can cause RNA to become susceptible to random mutations which scientist suggest is how evolution occurs throughout the universe.

The third type 'warp' or space-time radiation. The actual type of radiation or emission source and long term effects are still unknown but in the right combinations with the other two radiation types, freeform evolution is achieved. In many cases the effects are not fully realized for several years. It is worth noting that super-high levels of 'sub' radiation can lead to the atomic bonds severing with the subject spontaneously combusting on the battlefield. Large amounts of radiation is expelled during the explosion and can disable Red-X  powered items. Death or serve damage can be inflicted on nearby squad members. 

How the soldier evolves involves many factors. Genetic disposition (established at rookie status), viral/pathogenic contaminants present (can come from the battlefield as a bio weapon or just in the air) the item/weapon's radiation emissions (score from the three radiation types) weapon's material make up, the weapon's discharge rate as well as the emotional and attitude states of the soldier and the surrounding team.

Stages of Freeform Evolution

The typical signs of freeform onset include aggressive, unpredictable actions, ignoring orders to pursuit own targets. Soldiers can gain bonuses to any of their attributes or even develop new ones. Memory loss and confusion can occur, with rare cases of the individual losing entire skill sets.  Pockets can form in the skin, which can hold additional ammo or a grenade. Speed and dexterity improve. New weapons and technologies can be developed to utilize these enhancements. Soldiers will begin to activate artifact technology. Artifact control consoles activate to reveal new areas and surprise content - new research, abilities, improvements, ancient hero units and more.

Mid-stage developments can include skin hardening, addition appendages which aide the soldier in their most common tasks. Soldiers can also develop resistance to additional radiation or tolerances to extreme planetary weather. Soldiers can become more difficult to control or become an 'ultimate leader ' providing various group bonuses. Telepathy and cognitive resonance aligns with other members who by channeling mental energy can have an astounding influence on the battlefield. Healing abilities and

combinations of training skills can produce additional learnable skills in the skill tree.

Long term exposure can lead to the organic and inorganic molecules fusing into new forms. Their humanity begins to strip away, leaving perfect soldiers unrecognizable as human. New housing and other facilities need to be developed to keep them separated from humans. Bigger craft, mind control and other methods of keeping these killing machines in order. Deeply entrenched groups can summon elder ancients who can activate artifacts, ancient structures and much more.

Game Summary

Humans are the "bad guys" bent on taking over the known universe.   Your species are the extraterrestrials, your mission is to do whatever it takes to conquer any planet with the element 'Red-X'. Terrorize local populations, abductions as well as infiltrate the natives to achieve your goals.  Unfortunately you're not alone and other alien factions have joined in to stake their claims or protect the locals from destruction. Scout for base locations, build your bases, resource mines, supply depots and more all in the aide of achieving victory for the species.  

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